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Welcome to the era of
transomic drug discovery

At Pepper, we know that drug discovery ultimately fails because of bad drugs or bad targets.

That's why we're changing the game, pairing cutting-edge machine learning with expert phosphoproteomic analysis to deliver the transomic insights you need to make faster, better decisions at every stage of development.

Insights to shape your decision-making

Using transomics, Pepper unlocks insights that would otherwise be missed to increase confidence in your project decision-making and treat the patients who need our help.


Access all the information you need to pick the best target for your project.


Choose the right drug for advancement and drop the ones that won’t work, sooner.


Increase the chances of success by choosing the right patients for trials.

How our technology works

Our machine learning technology enables us to gather insights covering the full spectrum of a cell, from the foundations of genomics to the ground-breaking detail of phosphoproteomics.

This process allows us to analyze global data from across the transomic spectrum to reveal causal relationships and the full complexity of human disease.

Genomics (DNA)

Transcriptomics (RNA)

Proteomics (Proteins)


Let's end the era of uncertainty

We're looking to build long-term partnerships that enable us to advance the future of drug discovery, together.

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